Wooden Flooring

On a sub-zero cold winter morning, there’s nothing more heartening than stepping on to the warmth of your wooden floor! That’s what wooden flooring does to your home. It keeps your floor climate-resistant! While tiles, marbles and granite floors tend to catch on the heat and cold outside, wood remains neutral. It’s not just about the warmth, here are some more amazing reasons to choose wooden flooring for your homes and offices:


One of the major reasons people choose wooden flooring for their homes and office interiors is the elegance and aesthetics offered by wood! Wood has been used widely by Indians across generations to adorn their elegant homes and bungalows. The elegance it gives cannot be achieved with any other stone or tile cladding done on the floor.

Climate Neutral

Seasoned wood remains mostly climate neutral. It stays mostly warm during the cold winters unlike the tiles and stones. It does not get heated up during the warmest of summers like the ceramic tiles. The only issue to look out for is wetness which may harm some types of wood if left untreated.

Easy to Clean

Wood is quite easy to clean. It does not hold dust or dirt like the carpets and vinyl. You can easily sweep or vacuum clean wooden floor without much hassles. It doesn’t smell or stain quickly too.

Blends with all Interiors

Wood is a neutral interior element that comes in natural earthen colors. It does not clash with your interior elements in any way. Whether you opt for contemporary interiors or a traditional one, wooden flooring will complement it. Wood complements all types of color schemes for the interiors and exteriors too.


Wood has been used to create beautiful homes from time immemorial. It is natural and timeless. Wooden flooring will never go out of fashion, even across generations. Wooden flooring is a one-time investment which can reflect your elegance through years.

Easy to Maintain

Those who use carpets know how difficult it is to clean stained carpets and dust them! Stains are sometimes too difficult to remove that you will have to replace the carpet. Maintaining wooden floors are quite simple. You may have to scrub and polish it once in a few years at the most!

Environment Friendly

There’s a misconception that wooden floorings will deplete the forest reserve. As mentioned already, it is only a misconception. We source the wood for construction and interiors only from accredited sustainable resources who ensure that the forest reserves and the environment are not adversely affected. They resort to only sustainable methods for sourcing the right wood for your flooring requirements. By opting for wooden flooring, you will be actually reducing the carbon footprint.

Wooden floors can come in a variety of colors depending upon the type of wood you choose and your budget. You can polish them easily and even add some vinyl coating or use carpets over them if required. Wooden floorings are quite convenient to use and maintain which make them one of the most preferred flooring options for modern and traditional designs.

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