Thachushastra – The Science of Carpentry

Kerala has indigenously developed Thachushastra (Science of Carpentry); this science owes its origin to the unique geography and conditions of the state which has easy accessibility to timber and uses it heavily.

Vaastu and the 5 elements

India’s ancient architectural science, Vastushastra, is based on the play of the five basic elements of the universe: Akash (Sky), Prithvi (Earth), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire) and Vayu (Wind). It is considered a science (Shastra) that aims at harnessing the positive energy of the elements for a fantastic and prosperous life. Kerala’s architecture is heavily influenced by Vastushastra and the state’s architectural wonders stand tall in testimony of the skill of the Viswakarma sthapathis who worked to Vastu principles.

Feng Shui

Wood also features prominently in the ancient science of Feng Shui, as one of the basic five elements along with fire, water, metal and earth. According to this Chinese science, wood represents creativity and growth. Feng Shui advocates that it be used in tandem with metal for optimum energy in the home.

The Wood

One of the primary materials used by us is the Canadian SPF which is imported from sustainable sources in the British Columbia. This is a combination of 4 species of trees and this can be treated well. Also, the material takes paint well and provides a superior finish to the home.

Canadian SPF Wood - Grade 2 & BTR

      This is a combination of 4 species of trees – two species of Spruce, one of Pine and Fir. Good construction material with less oil and therefore can be treated well and can take color stain from paint very well

USA Southern Yellow Pine - Grade 2 & BTR

     Homogeneity of species gives it better consistency and is a good material for construction. It has slightly higher oil content and does not take treatment or stain as well as SPF. Higher oil content allows this wood to stand weather conditions better than SPF Wood

Douglas Fir – Grade 2 and BTR

     Slightly expensive than the above categories and are very good construction material. Douglas fir has fewer knots and are preferred by some for their cleaner look.

The Woodhaven Way

Kerala has Woodhaven strives to give you a hassle-free experience of constructing your wooden house with a four-step methodology.

Requirement Analysis

Requirement analysis to understand your vision about the home thoroughly and to see what we have in our repertoire that can fit. What follows is the feasibility of the project site and terrain survey to suggest the level of foundation to be laid. This along with a detailed discussion of the budget will take us a step forward in realising your wooden dream.


With the inputs of the requirement analysis, we would develop the designs and present 3D models of the same to help you choose your Woodhaven. The presented designs and models are reviewed to make customised modifications in the blueprint. An itemised quotation will be presented on the finalisation of the design. Logistics options are discussed and finalised during this stage.


Construction of your Woodhaven begins, once all paperwork is done and advances are paid. With the time schedule discussed in detail, the work process logistics are charted out. Interim instalments as per the contract is received to ensure the work progress and on-time completion. Regular supervision and dedicated workers take the project forward to its fourth and final step.

Handing Over

Your own Woodhaven is presented to your satisfaction taking care of all the details up to this final step. Final settlement of our dues is received on the successful completion of the project.

With a systematic methodology right from the conception of the projected to the completion, we provide an assurance that the Woodhaven will live up to your expectations and build a long-standing trust and relationship between us.

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