Carpentry is our Artistry!

Every piece of wood is a piece of art by Mother Nature. We refine it with our artistry and finesse. Interiors, exteriors, flooring, ceiling, framing or furniture; wood finds its own elegant place in every household. Wood is one of the traditional elements which is natural and retains its popularity through ages.

Check out the services we have to offer in wooden artistry.

Our Services

We are experts in creating wooden architectural marvels ranging from flooring, ceiling, carpentry, furniture, interiors, rooms and cottages. We create most-modern and contemporary wooden interiors. We are also experts in creating purely traditional designs and patterns.

Exterior Design

We undertake designing of wooden cladding and exteriors in contemporary and traditional patterns.

Wooden Flooring

At Woodhaven, we are specialized in offering seasoned wood flooring for modern and traditional home designs.

Wooden Interiors

We are specialized in providing traditional and contemporary wooden interiors, artefacts, partitions and wardrobes

Wooden Shelf and Racks

Our carpenters can offer custom-made wardrobes for all purposes for home and office use.

Kitchen Modeling

Our teams listen to the requirements of the home-makers carefully and come up with designs that are chic, practical and elegant.


We are experts in creating wooden villas and cottages apart from providing exclusive wooden interiors.

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