Misty Mountains, Kuttikkanam

Our Misty Mountains project is proof for our long-lasting low-maintenance wooden cottages that make them havens! Here we created 4 * individual cottages on the edge of Peerumedu mountain that offers a gorgeous view and a heavenly experience of being able to get closer to nature. We have used single panel wood here. Misty Mountains resorts are running for the last 5 years with minimal maintenance.

Bogmallo Beach Resort, Goa (5-star resort)

Bogmallo beach resort is a gorgeous 5-star property frequented by Indian and foreign tourists. Our project here comprised of 8 * 200 sq. ft. wooden cottages of single panel using Pine imported from Canada. Our wooden resorts remain the most preferred honeymoon cottages in the entire property.

Seetharam Beach Retreat, Nattika

Designed by architect Mahesh Iyer of Iyer and Mahesh architects from Trivandrum, we created 5 * 800 sq. ft. twin cottages with double panelling. For exterior panelling, weather-treated Malaysian Bangiray was used and for internal panelling high-quality Estonian Pine was used. This project was commissioned in Jan 2017 and is a favorite among European customers.

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